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Fun and Funky Patterns

Knitted Digestive System

Knitted Heart (photo with Japanese text)

Donate to the Crocheted/Knitted Coral Reef!

Squid Hat-PDF

Fun Ideas from Cast Off

Fun photos-no patterns

Knitted Elvis Wig

Princess Leia Hat/Wig

Knitted GIR Pattern

Crocheted Flying Spaghetti Monster

Harry Potter Dark Mark Graph

Great skull Graph

Pirate Mittens-PDF

Pirate Booty Bag

Arrrgyle sock chart

Green Day-American Idiot chart

Knitted Hand Grenade Purse!

Jack Skellington

Knitted DNA

The Fry Up Hat and Bag

Knitted Toddler Pumpkin Costume

Knitted Uterus

Another Knitted Uterus

Periodic Table Sweater and Tetris Baby Blanket


Knitted Nosewarmer

Chicken Viking Hat

Slapstick Pie

Baby Corn Bunting

Knitted Doughnut

Knitted Strawberries

Knitted Pears and Raspberries

Knitted Egg Plant

Knitted Veggies

Potty Mouth


Mobius Knitting

Knitted Brain-photo only